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What Is an Aggravated Assault?

An aggravated assault is simply a more serious assault and battery, and it may even result in a felony charge. It consists of physical actions that cause serious bodily harm, an assault made with a deadly weapon (e.g., gun, knife, etc), or assault involving another aggravating factor. Such actions may be considered an aggravated assault instead of a regular assault. A common example is assault with a deadly weapon, or assault with intent to carry out another crime.

What If I Am Accused of an Aggravated Assault?

There are serious consequences for being accused of an aggravated assault. The penalties are the same as they are for a conviction of normal assault and battery, just at a much higher degree of seriousness: 

Likelihood of the above consequences depends on the following factors:

What Possible Defenses Do I Have to an Aggravated Assault?

There are a wide variety of defenses available. An experienced attorney would be able to help you decide which defense will work the best.

Should I Get an Lawyer If I Am Charged with Aggravated Assault?

If you are charged with an aggravated assault, you should speak with an experienced lawyer immediately. An attorney will be able to inform you of your rights, defenses, and the complicated criminal legal system. 

Are You a Victim of an Aggravated Assault?

If you are a victim of an aggravated assault, please call the police. The police will be able to inform you of your rights and prosecute the perpetrator. You should also contact a lawyer to see what other possible options you may have.

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