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Learn More About Pittsburgh, PA

Known as the Steel City, Pittsburgh is now a leader in healthcare, education, technology, robotics, fashion, and financial services. In 2005, The Economist ranked Pittsburgh one of the top most livable cities in the U.S.

With almost 7,000 lawyers in the greater Pittsburgh area, choosing an attorney can be difficult. can match you to the perfect Pittsburgh lawyer for your case, completely free of charge.  Explain your problem to, and we will match you with a pre-screened Pittsburgh attorney that is an expert in their field.

Pittsburgh attorneys can assist you with any legal issue. Some of these include: criminal defense law, divorce law, personal injury plaintiff litigation, bankruptcy filing law, real estate transactions law, and more. Recently, Pittsburgh attorneys were able to obtain a $1.5 million dollar settlement for a client who was injured in a Coal Mine explosion.

Local Pittsburgh lawyers know the ins and outs of Allegheny County’s 5th Judicial District. Although any licensed Pennsylvania attorney can assist you with a legal issue in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh attorneys are familiar with local Allegheny County Court rules and procedures. A Pittsburgh lawyer will be better able to assist you with a case in the 5th Judicial District, and can help you find the right Pittsburgh attorney for your issue.

If you are not ready to speak to a lawyer, feel free to peruse LegalMatch’s extensive Law Library. Or, look through our other free legal resources, such as our top 20 legal tips. There you can find for advice on topics ranging from helping you understand legal fees, to developing a strategic legal plan.

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