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Learn More About Easton, PA

Easton is the Northampton County seat and home to many attractions such as Fascination Station and the National Canal Museum. During prohibition, Easton was a speakeasy town that made a name for itself as the “Little Apple.” Also, Binney & Smith – makers of Crayola crayons, call Easton home.

Since Easton is equidistant to both Philadelphia and New York, it is also a great place to find a lawyer for your case. Lawyers in Easton take all kinds of cases such as business litigation, tax fraud, immigration, real estate and wrongful death, among others.

Ex-cardiology pulmonary unit director at Easton Hospital, Suzanne Cornish, recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer. Cornish maintains the harassment and subsequent termination was a direct result of her sexual orientation. She is seeking lost salary, damages, legal fees, and for her position to be reinstated.

If you are thinking of filing a wrongful termination lawsuit in Easton, it’s likely that you will be filing with the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas located in Easton. The Common Pleas Court’s Family Division is where you would begin divorce and custody issues. The Juvenile division handles all cases against people under the age of 18.

LegalMatch is the honest answer to your legal woes. LegalMatch will help you research your case in their LegalCenter which has forums on nearly every legal issue, tips for choosing the best lawyer for you, and a legal blog. When you decide that your case requires a lawyer, LegalMatch pairs you with a Easton lawyer who specializes in the particular legal issue you face.

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