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Learn More About Bethlehem, PA

Bethlehem, PA is one of America’s best places to live according to Money Magazine’s July 2006 issue. Bethlehem is located in Lehigh and Northampton Counties in the Lehigh Valley region in the east side of Pennsylvania. Bethlehem is PA’s sixth largest city holding an estimated 72,531 people. Bethlehem was founded on Christmas Eve in 1741 by a small group of Moravians and so it is appropriate that the city was named after the birthplace of Jesus Christ (Bethlehem in Judea).

Bethlehem lawyers can assist you with a variety of cases. Attorneys in the area are experienced in the fields of business law, educational law, family law, public finance law, real estate law and others.

A murder case involving a Bethlehem Steal worker is currently in progress. The father of the victim has spent the past 28 years funding investigation and legal work which ultimately lead to a trial against his son-in-law (the husband of the victim). The defendant has pleaded not-guilty and the case is still ongoing.

People wishing to bring cases in Bethlehem should have an attorney experienced with the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas (the trial Court of Northampton County). A strong case requires more than just an understanding of the law; it requires an understanding of the court in which the attorney will present the case.

Finding an attorney with a keen understanding of the issues in your case as well as an understanding of your court can be daunting to say the least. LegalMatch can handle this task for you. After collecting information on your case, LegalMatch can instantly pair you with a qualified and suitable attorney at absolutely no charge.

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