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Learn More About Beaver County, PA

Located on the western border of the state, Beaver County, Pennsylvania is a great place to live and work. In addition to being a center for many local businesses, Beaver County also has many great state parks to enjoy. From Brady’s Run Park—with its lakes for canoeing and fishing—to Raccoon Creek State Park, considered one of the "Twenty Must-See Pennsylvania State Parks."

In the News: The estate of a deceased Beaver County woman is suing her personal care home for negligence, alleging the caretakers in the home failed to properly watch and care for the woman. The Beaver County woman, who was deaf, mute, and mentally disabled, had wandered away from the home on previous occasions. On the night of her death, it appears that the woman again walked away from the home and subsequently died from hypothermia. The lawsuit filed by the Beaver County woman’s estate claims that the home should have watched the woman more carefully after she had wandered away on previous occasions.

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