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Learn More About Chester County, PA

One of the original three counties within Pennsylvania, Chester County currently has the highest income per capital in the state, and the 21st highest adjusted gross income per capital in the nation. Chester County offers its residents and visitors three magnificent parks where waterfowl routinely visit. The county is a beautiful place to work and live, and it provides a much welcome escape for many tourists each year.
If you have pending legal charges against you in Chester County, there are a number of highly qualified Chester County lawyers available to represent you. These attorneys routinely practice in the fields of property, bankruptcy, tax, immigration, employment discrimination, DUI, divorce, real estate, and many others.
A Chester County man is currently involved in a lawsuit that is trying to figure out how to divide his father’s $55 million estate. The Chester County man is named one of the co-executors of the will, but the lawsuit is seeking to remove this title from him by alleging that he conspired with the other executor to hide some of the assets in the will to prevent money from passing to other children. The father of the Chester County man had two children from a pervious marriage who filed the suit, claiming that the executors of the will had moved much of the $55 million estate to the deceased’s second wife so that the children from the deceased’s first marriage could not collect any of it.
Chester County is served by the Court of Common Pleas of Chester County. This court has the power to hear both civil and criminal cases, and you will most likely have to report to this court if your lawsuit is properly brought in Chester County. Entering into the legal system can be a confusion ordeal that leaves many stranded with no idea what to do. Let a local attorney be your guide to the legal system in Chester County.
If you are ready to talk to a Chester County lawyer about your lawsuit but are not sure where to start, why not check out We offer a unique service that matches your case to attorneys in your area that are excited about representing you. As always, this service is entirely free to you, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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