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Learn More About Bloomsburg, PA

The growing town of Bloomsburg, located in Columbia County, PA, is home to 14,855 people based on the 2010 Census. Apart from the famous Bloomsburg Fair, the town is also known for being the only incorporated town in the state, while other incorporated communities are either cities or boroughs.

The town boasts a diverse economy due to the presence of manufacturing firms, small businesses, hospitals, with health care and social assistance, accommodation and food services, and retail trade being its major industries.

In terms of education, the town is favorably rated and is home to numerous schools as well as the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (BU). Additionally, there are other private and public schools around the vicinity of the town that are easily accessible to its residents.

BU made news when a former BU dean filed a lawsuit for allegedly being fired for helping a secretary pursue a sexual harassment complaint against the University’s president. The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount which would be determined at trial, and would include punitive damages, back pay, front pay, and legal fees, among others.

If you’re in Bloomsburg and are experiencing legal issues, there are a number of easily-accessible resources at your disposal. If you wish to do legal research at local and state laws, the library in Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and Bloomsburg Public Library, as well as the Columbia County Law Library, in Bloomsburg have resources for legal research. If you’re having trouble looking for resources that are applicable to your case, you can also try LegalMatch’s Law Library which contains over 10,000 legal articles that may help you with your research.

If you require legal assistance but can’t afford to pay for an attorney, there are also a few firms and organizations that provide pro bono legal services. There’s North Penn Legal Services which offer free legal aid in civil cases to families in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and The Women’s Center Inc. which specializes in domestic violence and family law, both of which have offices in Bloomsburg.

Additionally, the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project, another pro bono organization, specializes in providing civil legal assistance free of charge to economically-marginalized members of the community who are behind bars.

While it’s reassuring to know that there are organizations such as these that can help low-income individuals, a common issue with these organizations is the long and extensive screening process, and the availability of volunteers. If you’re going through a pressing legal issue, it’s best to get legal aid as soon as possible.

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