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Learn More About Pottsville, PA

Pottsville is the county seat of Schuylkill County, replacing Orwigsburg in 1851. A large part of Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania has several small historical communities with a rich history dating back to the late 18th century. D.G. Yuengling & Son — the oldest beer brewery in the United States — started in Pottsville in 1829.

According to the U.S. 2010 Census, the population of Pottsville was 14,324. As the city endeavors to move on from its coal mining heyday, the city government encourages residents to participate in initiatives to makeover the city for the revitalization of Pottsville. Schuylkill County Courthouse is one of the most important historical landmarks of the city, which celebrated its 130th anniversary last 2019.

The Schuylkill County Bar Association is the 175th member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Tapping the bar association for the competent and qualified lawyer to represent your case is the right choice. But the association may not be able to match you immediately with the right advocate to represent you before the court.

LegalMatch has a list of experienced lawyers who have proven their worth in practice. Post the details of your case at, and you will be matched with the right lawyer. All lawyers listed in LegalMatch undergo a pre-screening process and evaluation to ensure their competence in specific areas of law.

The Pottsville Free Public Library has volumes of legal books and judicial reviews that may relate to your case. To make things easier, LegalMatch’s Online Law Library compiles thousands of legal documents to create a comprehensive 10,000-article online resource. The purpose of this online law library is to provide quick answers to common questions on various legal topics.

A notable fraudster from Pottsville was Yahaira Diaz. She led the “Grandparents Scheme,” which defrauded the elderly in cities of Pennsylvania, including Allentown and Bethlehem. Victims of the fraudulent scheme may visit the MidPenn Legal Services – Pottsville Office at 315 North Centre Street, Suite 201. Schuylkill Women in Crisis also offers pro bono services involving family and domestic violence cases.

However, pro bono services may not be available at all times and may not be the best option for some legal circumstances. Hiring a lawyer is still the best option to take for you to get the most qualified lawyer to represent you before the court. In cases of utmost importance, you might not risk your case on pro bono services. LegalMatch can help you get the best lawyer in Pottsville.

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