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Learn More About Cumberland County, PA

Cumberland County, founded by Scottish and Irish immigrant farmers in the early 1700s, remains one of Pennsylvania’s oldest counties. English and German settlers were a minority in the area for most of the county’s early history. Since then, Cumberland County has grown, but the area still maintains its historic charm.

In the News: A pair of Cumberland County business owners recently filed a civil case against their neighbor in Shippensburg. Denise and Gary Russell are in the process of suing the owners of the Shippensburg Select Diner on behalf of their business, Weekend Warrior Surplus. The Russells allege that oil and water have been leaking from Shippenburg Select Diner’s grease trap into the basement of Weekend Warrior Surplus, causing damage to inventory that the Russells have stored there and releasing an unpleasant stench throughout the room. Weekend Warrior Surplus is seeking over $25,000 in damages related to the destroyed inventory, repairs, and a forced closure of the business.

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