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Learn More About Mountain Top, PA

Mountain Top, Pennsylvania consists of a number of smaller townships in Luzerne County. The local newspaper refers to the area as one word—Mountaintop—although most official records show the name as two distinct words.

Mountain Top lawyers are good with rules, so they probably have an answer for you if you need to know the correct nomenclature. Of course their time will be better spent helping you with legal issues, something they are ready and willing to do. Mountain Top attorneys can assist you with criminal defense, personal injury, wills and trusts, family law, and any other legal issue you may be facing.

Attorneys in Mountain Top may be familiar with a class action case that was recently settled around Mountain Top. A local company was accused of contaminating the groundwater in the area with a dangerous toxic chemical known to cause cancer and other illnesses. The company settled with class action lawyers for close to $2 million.

Your case might not be worth millions, but if you have a legal issue in Mountain Top you will want to hire an attorney familiar with the Luzerne County Court system. If your case makes it to court in Mountain Top, this is where you will likely end up.

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