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Learn More About Delaware County, PA

Delaware County sits in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania and has a diverse array of residents. Delaware County is considered a suburb of Philadelphia, with many of its residents commuting to and from the city each day. Delaware County is not without its own beauty and includes the Ridley Creek State Park which has miles of trials to hike, plentiful creeks to paddle, and many multi-use facilities.

Notable case: A Delaware County civil rights attorney recently filed suit against Delaware County on behalf of his client, arguing it is unconstitutional for the county to refuse to return confiscated firearms unless the owner obtains a court order. Prior to the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s girlfriend filed a restraining order against him.

The judge ultimately denied the restraining order, but not before the client’s guns had been confiscated by the Delaware County police. The police then refused to return the firearms without legal action. The Delaware County attorney is arguing that this policy gives unfettered discretion to judges when determining whether or not a person’s firearms should be returned, thus violating the owner’s civil rights.

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