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Learn More About Lackawanna County, PA

Northwest of the Pocono Mountains lies Lackawanna County. Lackawanna County was founded in 1878, making it the newest county in Pennsylvania.  The region was first inhabited by the Capoose tribe of Native Americans, but European settlers came to the area in the 1700s.  Although the area once suffered an economic downturn, Lackawanna County is today seeing increased industrial activity. Area attractions include the historic Lackawanna coal mine, the Electric City Trolley Museum, and the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees minor league baseball team.
A number of prominent Lackawanna County lawyers call this community home.  If you are facing a legal issue in Lackawanna County, local attorneys can help with such matters as business, real estate, personal injury, medical malpractice, wills trusts and estates, or any other you may be experiencing.
Lackawanna County attorneys recently litigated a dispute between a Lackawanna County prison inmate and the county. According to the lawsuit, an inmate alleged that she gave birth to her daughter while in a jail cell, after prison officials ignored her repeated pleas over a four-hour period to be hospitalized after going into labor. She claims that she was alone when she gave birth, during which the baby fell to the cell floor. The lawsuit has accused county officials of violating the Eighth Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment.
Lackawanna County is part of Pennsylvania’s judicial system. Pennsylvania’s courts are structured as minor courts, common pleas courts, a commonwealth court, superior court, and a supreme court. Lawyers in Lackawanna County typically argue their case before the Court of Common Pleas 45th Judicial District, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Superior Court, or the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. A local Lackawanna County attorney can help to guide you through this complex system.
Consider if you need a Lackawanna County lawyer. Our free, confidential service can match you with an experienced local attorney in good standing with the Pennsylvania state bar, and also provide you with background information on the attorney unavailable elsewhere. You can also find helpful tips on attorney selection and general information on popular legal topics on our website. Use LegalMatch to ensure you make the right decision in selecting your advocate.
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