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Learn More About New Cumberland, PA

New Cumberland is home to a nationally known apple festival as well as many antique and gift shops. The New Cumberland Town Band also began in New Cumberland as the American Legion Post 143 Band, but in the early 1950s became self sufficient and designated as the official town band.

New Cumberland has many great lawyers that can assist you with your specific legal issue. Lawyers in New Cumberland take many cases such as employment, corporate, and personal property, immigration, and divorces, but are able to assist you with any type of case.

Recently in New Cumberland, Cumberland County Coroner Michael Norris enacted the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision to make autopsies public record. The recent decision was met by strong opposition that believes autopsies are private medical records. Currently the only way to keep a family member’s autopsy from being released to the public is to have it sealed by a judge.

If you are looking to file a case in New Cumberland, you will likely be filing with the Pennsylvania Common Pleas Court. In New Cumberland, the common pleas court is held in the Cumberland County Courthouse in Carlisle and is where most cases are heard. New Cumberland is part of Cumberland County which is in the Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania. If you are appealing a case, you are likely to be filing with the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

LegalMatch can help you find the right attorney, plus offer online legal resources in the LegalCenter. If you are planning on taking action in New Cumberland, LegalMatch is a great place to start.

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