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Learn More About Asheville, NC

A great place to live and visit, Asheville may be the most unique town in North Carolina. Its historic art-deco downtown, vibrant artistic culture, amazing scenery, and growing reputation as a lucrative place to start a business combine to make Asheville a must see destination in the American Southeast.

Asheville Lawyers
Asheville is also the legal center of western North Carolina. Its historic courthouse serves North Carolina’s 28th Judicial District. The U.S. District Court for Western North Carolina, part of the federal 4th Circuit, is also located in Asheville. Qualified Asheville lawyers are familiar with the rules and procedures of their local courts. They are ready to assist you should you have a case in Asheville.

Attorneys in Asheville can help you with a case in criminal law, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy filing, family law, and many others. Recently, attorneys in Asheville successfully defended a local restaurant owner charged with violating federal civil rights laws. A jury sitting in federal court in Asheville found that the local restaurant-franchise owner was not liable for charges that he sexually harassed a manager and then fired her after she complained. is a free client-attorney matching service that can connect you with local Asheville attorneys who know how to handle your legal issue. Our service also gives you unprecedented background information about every lawyer available to you.  Instead of throwing darts at the attorney section of your phonebook, make an informed decision about hiring your advocate at

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