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Radnor, PA is a suburban community located along Philadelphia's Main Line. First settled by a group of 40 Quakers from Radnorshire, Wales in 1663, Radnor's population has grown to approximately 30,880. Villanova University, Cabrini College, and Eastern University all call Radnor home. Local businesses include the TV Guide, Fidelity Mutual, Kimberly-Clark, and ConAgra Foods. Residents of Radnor can enjoy the nearby Liberty Bell Shrine Museum, Main Line Art Center, and Valley Forge National Park.

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For legal issues you may face in Radnor, you may need the assistance of a local Radnor lawyer. Radnor lawyers can help with many legal issues such as criminal charges, employment, family, medical malpractice, real estate, and wills trusts and estates issues.

Radnor lawyers recently brought a case against a Kentucky-based industrial gas and welding supply distributor on behalf of Radnor-based Airgas Inc. The lawsuit claimed Scott-Gross, the KY distributor, incorrectly accepted high pressure compressed gas cylinders belonging to Airgas though an exchange program. The parties reached an agreement to dismiss the lawsuit without any admission of wrongdoing, and in exchange, the Kentucky organization will not longer accept cylinders belong to other companies.

Radnor is part of Pennsylvania's Delaware County, and is governed by the Pennsylvania court system. Pennsylvania's courts are structured as minor courts, common pleas courts, a commonwealth court, superior court, and a supreme court. Lawyers in Radnor may argue a case before the Court of Common Pleas 32nd Judicial District, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Superior Court, or the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. A local Radnor attorney can help to guide you through this complex system.

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