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The city of brotherly love was at one time better known as the county of brotherly love. In the late 1600’s, Philadelphia was a county on the south eastern corner of Pennsylvania, an area of land recently granted to Pennsylvania namesake William Penn. As the city of Philadelphia grew, however, it became apparent that the county was incapable of properly providing for the town and the neighboring villages. The county and city were merged, and today Philadelphia enjoys its current status as both.

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There are over 13,000 Philadelphia lawyers living throughout the county. Philadelphia County lawyers practice in criminal law, real estate, bankruptcy, personal injury, and many other legal fields. Attorneys in Philadelphia County recently won a major first amendment case challenging the city and county’s policy towards issuing demonstration permits. The county was allegedly not issuing permits to groups it disagreed with politically. Using this kind of content based restriction on the issuance of permits is unconstitutional, and the city eventually lost the case.

Philadelphia County attorneys are familiar with the main divisions of the Philadelphia Courts of the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania: the Court of Common Pleas, the Municipal Court, and the Traffic Court. They may also be familiar with the rules of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

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