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Back Mountain is a census designated pace in Luzerne County near Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Back Mountain has just under 27,000 residents. The name Back Mountain comes from the area’s position directly behind the Endless Mountains.

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Although Back Mountain isn’t the most populated place in Pennsylvania, it does have a number of lawyers who take many different kinds of cases. Lawyers in Back Mountain advise on bankruptcy, child custody, real estate, personal injury, and criminal charges like felonies among other cases.

Recently in Back Mountain, real estate developer Robert K. Mericle filed a federal lawsuit against Travelers Property and Casuality Co. of America for allegedly denying his company coverage against claims contained in a number of lawsuits. Travelers maintains that the claims made against Mericle fell under policy exclusions.

If you have a lawsuit to file in Back Mountain, you’ll likely be visiting the Civil Division of a Pennsylvania Court. Courts in Pennsylvania have a number of different divisions with which to file. It’s best to consult a Back Mountain lawyer who is familiar with local Luzerne County courts.

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