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Learn More About Parkland, WA

Parkland is located in Pierce County just outside of Tacoma, Washington. Parkland is home to 25,000 residents as well as the Pacific Lutheran University which is a popular non-doctoral college. Parkland is also home to many outstanding public elementary and high schools that make the community popular among homemakers and Tacoma business people alike.

Since Parkland is home to so many outstanding citizens you shouldn’t be surprised to find there are lots of reputable lawyers who can handle your case. Lawyers in Parkland are well acquainted with local courts and regularly take a wide variety of cases including child support, chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration, and criminal cases like assault and DUI charges.

Recently near Parkland, a BikiniBottoms espresso employee was arrested for unlawful public exposure after authorities received a number of complaints about scantily clad servers. One server was allegedly wearing nothing but a thong and “X” shaped pasties. The 19-year-old was fined and the pasties seized as evidence.

If you have pending criminal charges in Parkland then you’re probably going to be visiting the Pierce County Superior Court. Washington State Superior Courts have jurisdiction over many kinds of cases but retain exclusive say over juvenile, felony, domestic relations, real property, probate, mental health, civil, and appeals cases from lower courts. If you’re looking to file bankruptcy then the U.S. District Court will be your court of filing.

The easiest and most trustworthy method of finding a Parkland lawyer who is Washington State Bar Association certified is through LegalMatch. The LegalMatch website supplies many helpful resources like an online law library and tips on choosing the best lawyer for you.

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