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Learn More About Lakewood, WA

Lakewood is a newly incorporated city in Pierce County, Washington. Over half of the population of Lakewood is employed by one of the two neighboring military bases. It is named among the 100 Best Places for Young People to live by America’s Promise. Among these young people is notable resident Joshua Mueller who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Converse All Star shoes.

Lawyers in Lakewood practice in most fields of law. Attorneys can be found for cases pertaining to bankruptcy, wills & trust, business, criminal, employment, family, and real estate. The right attorney for you will have experience in the field that relates to your case.

In 2008, an incident in Lakewood occurred which put the city’s pit bull regulation under scrutiny. Two pit bulls attacked a family and, although no one was injured, the family had to get into their vehicle to avoid being bitten. This case aroused politicians’ interest in the area, and they noted that most “dangerous dog” complaint calls in the Lakewood area involved pit bulls. No additional action has been taken but the owners must now be more cautious since they are aware of their dog’s dangerous nature. Once a dog owner understands that their dog is capable of killing then the owner may be subject to second degree murder charges if the dog does kill someone.

This sort of case may be taken to either civil or criminal court depending on who is imposing the charges. A charge by the state will go before the criminal court and a charge by the harmed family will likely go before the civil court. In any event the case will likely begin at the Pierce County District Court. Upon appeal, the case will likely go in front of the Pierce County Superior Court.

A skilled attorney will have experience with filing at the different courts in your area. It is crucial for the attorney to know not only your legal issue but your legal area. LegalMatch understands this and will find you a legal representative that is familiar with your geographic and legal areas. Take your case to LegalMatch for a free and effective legal referral.

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