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Learn More About Edmonds, WA

The city of Edmonds is one of the more affluent cities in the state of Washington, ranking 37th out of 522 areas in income by population. The city has spectacular views of Puget Sound and both the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. One of the famous landmarks in Edmonds is the Gazebo Fountain. This landmark has been destroyed twice by drivers in past 20 years and has subsequently been rebuilt each time, using stronger materials after each crash. Currently, the Gazebo is made from steel rods that extend far into the ground.

If you have a legal concern in Edmonds, there are a number of Edmonds lawyers that are in the area and available to assist you. These attorneys have experience in a number of legal areas including tax, bankruptcy, DUI, assault, criminal defense, divorce, sexual harassment, personal injury, traffic citations and more.

The city of Edmonds has recently had a spate of scams coming from Fresh Start Opportunities. This scam business has teenagers go door to door selling magazine subscriptions for "charity," with prices ranged from $50 to over $700. According to the sales pitch, the money is used to help homeless and disadvantaged youths progress in life, however it appears that this is all a scam and there is no record for how the money is actually spent. In addition, an employee of Fresh Start Opportunities was recently arrested in connection with a robbery that occurred in Edmonds.

Edmonds is served by the Snohomish County Superior Court which is located in nearby Everett. This court employs 15 judges and hears all felony criminal matters and civil matters that exceed $50,000. If you are required to report to this court for your case, having an experienced local attorney would be a great benefit to you.

LegalMatch is here to help you find a great Edmonds attorney. When you visit LegalMatch, you will only be matched with lawyers that are in good standing with the state bar. Don’t delay in finding the right legal professional to assist you, check out LegalMatch today!

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