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Learn More About Lacey, WA

Lacey is located in Thurston County, Washington. It was originally established as a suburb of Olympia, but has since grown to a population of around 40,000, almost as large as Olympia itself.

Lacey is the 12th city in the country to receive the Environmental Protection Agency’s designation as a “Green Power Community” for its use of renewable energy. Lacey is also currently experiencing a building boom and rapid population growth, and there are plans to build a new commercial center and high-rise district to accommodate this anticipated growth. By all accounts, Lacey appears to be doing very well, given the current economic situation.

Given this construction boom, and Lacey’s commitment to environmental protection, there is a significant demand for real estate and environmental lawyers in the city. Lawyers who are knowledgeable in both fields are probably doing particularly well.

Lawyers who practice in Lacey will do most of their practicing before the Thurston County Superior Court, which is the trial court of general jurisdiction for all of Thurston County. Federal cases in Lacey (which might involve bankruptcy, intellectual property, or employment discrimination issues, among others) will probably be initially heard in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington. Appeals from that court will go through the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Finding a lawyer who can navigate Lacey’s local and regional judicial system can be confusing. Fortunately, LegalMatch can make this easier. To find the right lawyer in Lacey for you, all you need to do is submit your case, and you will be automatically matched with a pre-screened attorney in or around Lacey who handles cases like yours, and is currently taking on new clients.

If you are not yet ready to hire a lawyer in Lacey, but wish to learn more about the laws that might affect your case, you should browse the Law Library, which has over 4,000 articles written on various subjects of the law.

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