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Learn More About Vancouver, WA

Vancouver is the fourth largest city in Washington, with an estimated population of 162,400.  Vancouver lies about 300 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia.  Both cities were named after Captain George Vancouver; however, Vancouver B.C. was formed almost thirty years after Vancouver, WA.

Vancouver, WA is located on the Columbia River, and offers a good number of outdoor attractions. Some of the nation’s most spectacular natural scenery, including the Pacific Coast, the Cascade Mountain Range and Mount St. Helens, are visible from Vancouver.  Many of Vancouver’s older residents enjoy the state’s tax policy, which excludes income taxes, while many younger residents enjoy the close proximity to Portland, Oregon, which offers many employment and entertainment opportunities.

Vancouver’s economy was originally based on the fishing, fur, and timber industries.  Later, Vancouver became well known for its fruit crops and lumber mills.   In more recent times, Vancouver has established its place in the high tech sector, attracting tech giants such as Hewlett-Packard and SEH American.

Recently, Clark County Sheriff Garry Lucas established a task force to address alarmingly high reports of sexual abuse at the Clark County Jail.  According to a Bureau of Justice study, performed in accordance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003, Clark County inmates report one of the highest rates of sexual abuse in the nation.  Specifically, 9.1% of inmates reported being sexually abused, as compared to the national average of 3.2%.  The task force recommended addressing the problem by simplifying reporting procedures and teaching inmates to avoid becoming victims in the first place.  The task force next plans to assess the jail’s physical design, perhaps removing barriers between officers and inmates as newer jails have done.

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