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Learn More About Bellevue, WA

French for “beautiful view,” the city of Bellevue has grown from a small bedroom community of Seattle to a large commercial center of King County as thought of as one of the most productive suburbs in the state of Washington.

Bellevue lawyers can help you with personal injury, criminal defense, real estate transactions, family law, business law, and any other legal issue you may be facing.

Recently, a Bellevue attorney was able to secure a $4 million settlement against a local state trooper for a traffic collision. The officer was speeding through an alley, attempting to overtake a DUI suspect, when his vehicle entered the intersection and T-boned a local Bellevue woman. The accident was deemed avoidable and the officer resigned.

This case and others in Bellevue begin in the King County Court system. Attorneys in Bellevue are familiar with the King County District Court and Superior Court, and all of its various divisions. Experienced Bellevue attorneys will know how to navigate these courts, and will know local judges, court staff, and other Bellevue lawyers.

If you need a qualified Bellevue attorney, can help. has already done the homework on Bellevue attorneys. We know who has handled what types of cases, what areas of law Bellevue attorneys specialize in, and who has a good record with their local bar association. In addition to matching you with the right lawyer for you, our service will also provide you with valuable background information such as client comments and attorney profiles. Choose your advocate with confidence with LegalMatch.

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