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Learn More About Island County, WA

The eighth oldest county in the state, Island County, Washington has a total area of 517 square miles and a population of 71,500. The county is so named as it consists of 9 islands, the larger Whidbey and Camano islands, and the smaller Baby, Ben, Ure, Deception, Kalamut, Minor, Smith and Strawberry islands. Island County’s residents and visitors alike enjoy attractions such as the Cama Beach State Park, the Deception Pass Bridge, and whale watching on Puget Sound.

In the News: Lawyers in Island County recently settled a case against the county. Resident Victoria Walker sued the county after she was held captive in the cabin of a childhood friend and assaulted against her will. She called 911 twice—the deputy that responded to the first call left without talking to anyone in the cabin and no one responded to the second call. The lawsuit argued that the deputy on duty, Jay Wallace, was negligent in responding to the 911 calls and that the county had not properly trained and supervised its officers. The case was settled for $150,000.

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