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Learn More About Des Moines, WA

Des Moines is a King County city that’s home to 30,000 residents that enjoy a close proximity to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Des Moines recently was subject to land buyouts because of the overwhelming aircraft noise. The city of Des Moines is still a popular tourist destination because of its position on the east shore of Puget Sound.

Des Moines is home to some very reliable lawyers who are familiar with Washington laws and courts. Lawyers in Des Moines take responsibility for counseling clients on a wide variety of cases. Some typical Des Moines cases include divorce, bankruptcy, child support, wrongful termination and criminal cases like DUI and assault.

Recently in Des Moines, Tuan Quach pleaded guilty to second-degree murder with a deadly weapon for the stabbing death of Jennifer Lehtinen in his apartment. The trial was scheduled for King County Superior Court but just days before the trial Quach signed the plea deal that landed him only 16 years in prison. It was reported that Quach picked up Lehtinen at a known hangout for prostitutes.

If you have a restraining order to file or have criminal charges pending against you in Des Moines, you will be visiting the King County Superior Court. Washington State Superior Courts retain jurisdiction over nearly all kinds of cases that arise in the area including domestic relations cases such as divorce. Immigration issues are handled by the U.S. Immigration Court in Seattle, Washington and can also advise you on visa and green card matters.

LegalMatch will find you a great Des Moines lawyer for free. All of LegalMatch’s services are backed by the customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re looking to do some research on your case, check out the Legal Center which contains a law library, forums, tips, and a number of other helpful things.

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