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Learn More About Everett, WA

Everett is the biggest city in the state of Washington and is home to about 102,300 residents.  Everett serves as the county seat of Snohomish County, and lies just north of another major Washington city, Seattle.

Everett is located on the Port Garner Peninsula, between the Port Gardner Bay and the Snohomish River.  The waterfront is a popular spot for shopping, Yacht clubs, and upscale housing developments.  Further, the Naval Station Everett, Port of Everett, and marina help this waterside community thrive.  While Everett’s economy is largely maritime based, it is also propelled by a number of Fortune 500 companies and the magnificent Boeing assembly plant.

Recently, the HeraldNet, a major online newspaper serving Snohomish County, issued advice about job searching after filing for bankruptcy.  According to the Herald, employers can legally investigate job candidates’ credit histories and decline those whose reports are unfavorable, so long as they comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  The FCRA requires employers to get candidates’ written permission before performing a credit check; additionally, an employer who decides not to hire you in part based on such a report must disclose this to you, as well as issue you a copy of the report.  If an employer does not comply with the FCRA, you can seek assistance from an employment lawyer.  Furthermore, you can lessen employers’ negative reactions in the future by addressing your bankruptcy in a direct and tactful way, making sure to take responsibility, and letting them know that you learned from your mistake.

There are over 300 Everett lawyers, and the Everett Municipal Court receives over 30,000 filings each year.  LegalMatch pre-screens its lawyers, and can help you choose a bar certified local lawyer who will give your case the gets the attention it deserves.  Get started today by answering some preliminary questions.  Soon, a LegalMatch professional will put you in touch with an Everett lawyer, free of charge.

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