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Learn More About Bellingham, WA

Bellingham is the largest city in Whatcom County, Washington. Bellingham’s name derives from the Bellingham Bay which was named after Sir William Bellingham. Bellingham was home to the Bellingham Bay Coal Company which mined in the area from the mid 19th century until 1955. Wages in Bellingham have been declining for over 30 years now along with demands for other raw goods such as timber. Today, the average salary for Bellingham is below Washington’s state average.

Bellingham lawyers vary in specialization. Attorneys in the area practice law related to accidents & injuries, bankruptcy, business law, criminal defense, employees’ rights, immigration and more.

Recently the Washington State Appeals Court sided with the city of Bellingham in a dispute over the state’s rights to charge park fees for apartment development. Belleau Woods II LLC, who was charged over $300,000 in fees under the new laws, protested the charge claiming that it was unconstitutional to “change the rules midstream.” Belleau Woods is currently looking to appeal the case to the Washington State Supreme Court.

Cases originating in Bellingham, WA will originally be brought to the Whatcom County District Court. Every judge and court is different and an effective attorney must be able to address these differences. In order to build a strong case, your attorney must have knowledge of both the court and the law.

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