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Learn More About Lynnwood, WA

Lynnwood was incorporated in 1959, and today is home to about 34,000 people. Lynnwood has grown to be the third most populous city in Snohomish County and the twenty-fourth most populous city in the state. Lynnwood is a unique mix of landscapes: it is a bedroom community of Seattle, as well as an urban and suburban center in its own right. Lynnwood is also well known as the shopping mecca of Snohomish County, and attracts many visitors to its Alderwood Mall and City Center. Further, Lynwood has a number of parks and recreation centers, such as the Lynndale Park Skate Park. 

Lynnwood’s residents are served by the Lynnwood Municipal Court, which hears traffic violations, criminal misdemeanor cases, and cases involving domestic violence. Additionally, the Lynnwood Municipal Court offers information about alcohol and drug treatment facilities, as well as other social service resources. A reputable Lynnwood lawyer will know the Lynnwood Municipal Court’s local court rules and be familiar with court processes, such as how to get a case appealed

Recently, Micah Pelton was sentenced to seven years in prison for an incident in which he drove drunk and hit two Lynnwood teens who were walking on the sidewalk. One Lynnwood teen was killed, and the other was seriously injured. This was Pelton’s second DUI arrest, and since his arrest Pelton has racked up five more traffic infractions, including one speeding violation.

Lynnwood lawyers practice in many areas of law, including personal injury, criminal law, bankruptcy and immigration, among others. is an efficient and free way to locate the best Lynnwood lawyer for your case. Begin by completing a confidential intake form, and by learning about your legal issue through the LegalCenter or the following websites.

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