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Learn More About Sammamish, WA

Sammamish is located in King County in the state of Washington. As of 2008, its population is listed at 40,000. It lies in an area known as Eastside Washington and was incorporated in 1999.
The city of Sammamish derives its name two Native American words- “Samena”, meaning hunter, and “Mish”, meaning people. The main feature of the Sammamish landscape is Lake Sammamish, where residents enjoy water recreation sports. The area is also suitable for hiking and park recreation activities. The city aims at maintaining a small town feel while adapting various development and expansion projects. Currently the city is home to a community center, five major city parks, various recreational facilities, and two golf courses.
In February 2010, Sammamish environmentalists threatened a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. It appears that the number of kokanee salmon which dwell in Lake Sammamish have been steadily declining. Environmentalists complained that the Wildlife Service delayed in deciding whether the salmon can receive protection under the Endangered Species Act. In order to receive protection, the salmon must be placed on a federal protection list. Back in 2007, environmental groups, local governments and the Snoqualmie Tribe petitioned to place the kokanee salmon on the list. However, the Wildlife Service has made no action, and it has been several years after rules requiring the government to act. Lawsuits are pending, and protection of the species continues as concerned citizens wait for the federal government’s decision.
Conflicts involving wildlife preservation often require immediate legal attention. If you feel you have a claim involving wildlife or other environmental concerns, it is important that you obtain a lawyer. There are many attorneys in the Sammamish area, and can help connect you with the right one. LegalMatch is an online service that matches lawyers with clients for all types of cases, free of charge.
Lawsuits arising in the city of Sammamish can be heard at King County (East Division) District Court. The district court has jurisdiction over all types of civil and criminal cases. Also, legal notices and the Sammamish municipal code are posted on the city’s official webpage

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