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Learn More About Redmond, WA

The city of Redmond is best known for being the home of Microsoft and Nintendo of North America. As well, Redmond is known as the bicycle capital of the Northwest because of its annual bike race as well as having the state’s only velodrome.

If you need legal advice in Redmond, there are many Redmond lawyers who are ready to talk with you. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law including intellectual property, patents, personal injury, automobile accidents, DUI, criminal defense, tax, bankruptcy, divorce, child custody, real estate, and more.

A former Redmond area soccer coach and elementary school teacher recently settled a lawsuit with one of his former soccer players for sexual abuse. The lawsuit accused the former Redmond teacher of sexually abusing the plaintiff, then 10 years-old at the time “hundreds of times” in the plaintiff’s bedroom starting in 1977. The plaintiff, who now lives in Texas, sued his former coach and asked that his name be used in the lawsuit to empower other victims of sexual abuse to come forward and make their legal claims. Victims of sexual abuse as a child often suffer severe mental problems later in life that they struggle to cope with. The $500,000 settlement will allow the plaintiff to get the much needed help he has been hoping to get.

If you have a lawsuit that arose in Redmond, you will probably have to file your legal complaint in the King County Superior Court, which is the largest trial court in the state and employs 52 judges who have the power to hear major civil and criminal cases. The local attorneys know the procedural rules that your case must follow and can really help you out.

LegalMatch is your online tool that you can use to get matched up with a local Redmond attorney that is ready to represent you. We offer a unique service that takes background information about your case and pairs it with qualified lawyers in your area. After using LegalMatch, you can also read attorney profiles and past client reviews of each legal professional that responds to your case.

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