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Learn More About Bothell, WA

Bothell’s population of 30,000 extends into both Snohomish and King Counties but the citizens are largely patrolled and governed by King County. Bothell plays host to the City of Bothell Freedom Festival, Music in the Park concert series, Harvest Festival Pumpkin Carving, and Bothell’s great Riverfest. Bothell offers great civic events, outdoor life, and urban accommodations like shopping centers and movie theaters.

As such a standout city, it should be no surprise to find out that many Bothell residents are also seasoned lawyers. Lawyers in Bothell counsel their clients on bankruptcy, wrongful termination, divorce, DUI, and civil lawsuit cases as well as many others.

Recently, Bothell resident Diane Selin embarked on a renegade crusade against the Pit Bull breed after her Yorkshire Terrier was attacked and killed. Selin wants Bothell residents to be the flagship city to ban the breed but residents have lukewarm feelings at best about her idea. Meanwhile, Pit Bill owners fear a lawsuit could take their dogs away but city officials maintain that it would be very tough to enforce.

If you have a case to file in Bothell, the Bothell Municipal Court can take small cases like misdemeanors, traffic, and other ordinance violations. The King County District Court retains jurisdiction over $4,000 or less small claims cases but also takes tort, contract, misdemeanor, traffic, and other violation cases. The highest trial level court in the Bothell area with which to file is the King County Superior Court which retains exclusive jurisdiction over real property, probate, mental health, civil, domestic relations, felony, and juvenile cases as well as civil and criminal appeals.

Regardless of which court you file with or what your case, LegalMatch is the best way to get a highly regarded Bothell lawyer. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter has a lot of great reference materials if you want to learn more about your particular legal issue. With legal forums on family law and business law, and more narrowed topics like child custody and wrongful termination, there’s something there for everyone.

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