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Learn More About Thurston County, WA

Thurston County is is a city that is in the state of Washington located at the southern tip of Peugeot Sound and contains the city of Olympia, which is both the county seat and the state capital. Thurston County was named after Samuel R. Thurston, the Oregon Territory’s first delegate to Congress.

In the News: The constitutionality of Washington’s death penalty system of lethal injection was recently challenged in Thurston County Superior Court. The challenge argued that the method of lethal injection was unconstitutional because there was no way to guarantee that the first drug given to the condemned inmate fully renders the prisoner unconscious. Like most other states that use lethal injection, Washington State uses a combination of three drugs to knock out, paralyze, and then kill the inmate. The challenge that is taking place in Thurston County alleges that the system is unconstitutional because it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. However, the defenders of the system argue that Washington’s system is much like Kentucky’s, which was recently upheld by the United States Supreme Court.

Marijuana Laws in Federal Way, Washington

As of January 1st, 2014, recreational marijuana retail stores became legal in the state of Washington including cities like Thurston County. As a result recreational marijuana can be legally sold through licensed dealers in stores throughout the city of Thurston County. However, one must be knowledgeable on the rules and regulations because Thurston County and surrounding cities in the state of Washington now have unique rules and regulations about the marijuana laws  that users should be aware of.

The marijuana laws in the state of Washington and surrounding areas including Thurston County that  should be viewed and understood. If you have more questions about the use of marijuana, contacting a Thurston County lawyer or a  Criminal Defense Attorney in Washington that can help you understand this new law and help you navigate through the criminal process if you have ran into some issues.

Getting Legal Assistance in Thurston County, WA

Experienced Thurston County lawyers are available and can be found in most legal fields who can help assist you in every step of your case. Attorneys in the area practice in personal injury, bankruptcy, automobile accidents, tax, DUI, arson, assault, divorce, child custody and alimony issues and more. If your case arose in Thurston County, you will probably want to hire a lawyer who is comfortable practicing in the Thurston County Superior Court. The local attorneys regularly represent their clients in this venue and are familiar with the laws and procedures that your case must follow.

You will find many useful articles about popular legal topics in our LegalCenter, but if you would like more information about the legal scene in Thurston County, please visit these external links:

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For more information on lawyer services and LegalMatch’s online client-attorney matching, read our detailed article entitled How to Find a Lawyer.

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