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Learn More About Clark County, WA

Oregon’s first and oldest county, Clark County was named after William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame. The County comprised all of present day Washington to Canada. Clark County is located near Portland, Oregon across the picturesque Columbia River separating both states.
Clark County lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, criminal defense, wills and trusts, and many more.
Attorneys in Clark County are currently battling over a local tribe’s efforts to establish a casino north of Vancouver. Clark County is suing the tribe and the National Indian Gaming Commission to prevent their approval of any future casino construction. Clark County attorneys are arguing that since the tribe does not actually own the land, it cannot yet seek permission to construct the casino.
If you have a case in Clark County, you will want an attorney familiar with the Clark County Court system. Depending on your case, you will either wind up in the Superior Court or the District Court. Less serious cases and minor infractions end up in the District Court. Regardless of your legal issue, proper understanding of procedure is the key to favorably resolving your legal dilemma.
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