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Learn More About Pasco, WA

Pasco, Washington is the home of the Sacagawea State Park. In 1805, the Lewis and Clark expedition camped at the junction point of the Columbia and Snake Rivers which has since become known as Pasco. Pasco has been a city on the rise from its founding. It has relied on its river front location for commerce, trade, and transportation. Pasco favorable climate has made agriculture a strong industry in the region. The agricultural industry has encouraged food processing companies such as ConAgra Foods to open facilities in Pasco. Pasco is also known as a “sports minded” city because of its 20 soccer fields, 8 football fields, and its 24 public tennis courts.

Pasco lawyers are able to help you with any legal question you may have. Lawyers in Pasco are qualified to represent your case in the following fields: real estate law, business law, family law, and criminal law, among others.

Pasco is located in Franklin County and many cases in Pasco fall under the jurisdiction of either the Franklin County District Court or Franklin County Superior Court. Franklin County District Courts consider civil cases involving less than $50,000 in damage. In addition, this court hears misdemeanor criminal cases which involve confinement of less than 1 year in county jail. Cases heard in Franklin County Superior Court involve matters such as family disputes, civil dispute, and matters that involve more than $50,000 in damages. Felony criminal cases are also heard in Franklin County Superior Court. If a case is on appeal from the District Court, it will be heard by the Superior Court.

LegalMatch can help you find the right lawyer in Pasco. LegalMatch’s directory of Pasco lawyers will allow you to review a lawyers experience, availability, and rates with no obligation. LegalMatch is the ideal tool to help you find the best lawyer to adequately represent your legal interests in court.

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