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Learn More About Renton, WA

Renton, WA lies 13 miles southeast of Seattle along the southeast shore of Lake Washington. Originally founded as a farming site, Renton’s population grew as coal-mining, timber processing, and aircraft manufacturing activities increased in the area.

Renton residents are attracted to jobs produced by employers such as Boeing, Kenworth, and Providence Health System as well as the close-knit feel of this community. Renton residents and visitors alike enjoy the recreation activities and cultural attractions provided by the IKEA Performing Arts Center, the Henry Moses Family Aquatic center, and Coulon Beach Park.

There are also a number of accomplished and experienced Renton lawyers throughout the community. Lawyers in Renton can help you with business, immigration, real estate transactions, criminal defense, and numerous other legal issues.

Renton attorney’s recently defended a local business against a lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, a plane chartered from Renton-based Sound Flight failed to land properly, crashing in the Canadian waters of Barkley Sound. The lawsuit alleges that the pilot made an unsafe landing in the small, rocky bay when wider waters were nearby, resulting in emotional trauma and physical injuries such as neck pain. The lawsuit is ongoing.

Washington’s judicial system is structured as municipal, district, superior, court of appeals, and a Supreme Court. Lawyers in Renton may argue a case in the Renton Municipal Court, the King County District Court, King County Superior Court, the Court of Appeals Division I, or the Washington Supreme Court. A local Renton attorney can help you to decide in which court your case should be filed.

LegalMatch can help you as you search for a Renton lawyer. Our website contains helpful tips on selecting the right attorney and information on various general legal topics of interest. Our confidential service also allows you to locate and review the availability, experience, and price of pre-screened Renton attorneys before deciding whom to contact. Let LegalMatch be your ally when you search for the right advocate.

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