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Learn More About Richland, WA

Richland is a Benton County city that is home to 48,000 Washington State residents. Richland is of the Tri-Cities of Washington along with Pasco and Kennewick and is home to the Hanford nuclear site. Richland is a popular suburb that offers great schools and residential communities with the convenience of a big city that is just a short drive away.
Some of Richland’s natives are also top notch lawyers who are familiar with local Benton County courts. Lawyers in Richland take a diverse selection of cases including bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, immigration visa, and criminal cases like DUI and drug charges.
Recently, Washington’s Supreme Court dismissed a case filed by 34 Richland homeowners who felt they were unconstitutionally roped into the Columbia Irrigation District. Homeowners alleged that the district didn’t have the required number of property owners consenting for the annexation. Court records and evidence of the 199 property owners who sent letters demonstrated that there was not a majority in opposition.
If you have a divorce to file in Richland than you will be heading to the Benton County Superior Court. Benton County Superior Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over all family, criminal, juvenile, probate, mental health, and civil cases. If you’re looking to resolve an immigration issue than you will likely be heading to one of the U.S. Immigration Courts in Washington State.
LegalMatch pairs you with capable lawyers in Richland and Benton County that will be able to help resolve your legal issue. The LegalMatch website provides helpful research tools like blogs, an online law library, and newsletters all located within the Legal Center.
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