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Learn More About Pullman, WA

Pullman is the largest city in Whitman County, Washington, and has a population estimated at around 27,000. Pullman is best known as the home of Washington State University. Its notable residents include former Broncos quarterback John Elway, who was a student at Pullman High School.

In October 2009, Casey Myers, a King County State Trooper, was arrested by Pullman police for driving under the influence. After the arrest, Myers was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by State Patrol, who will make recommendations regarding Myers’ future employment. Myers had been an arresting officer in several Washington DUI cases during his four-year career.

Since the DUI occurred in Pullman city, Myers’ case will be heard by the Whitman County District Court, located in nearby Colfax. The District Court presides over proceedings arising out of Pullman involving traffic infractions, misdemeanors such as DUIs, domestic violence protection orders, petitions for name change, and civil disputes not exceeding $50,000, including small claims. Except for traffic infractions, the District Court shares jurisdiction in all of the above matters with the Whitman County Superior Court, located in Colfax as well. The Superior Court also presides over adoptions, civil disputes over $50,000, dissolutions of marriage and other domestic relations issues, felony charges, juvenile matters, and probate matters.

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