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Learn More About Whatcom County, WA

Whatcom County derives its name from a Nooksack word meaning “noisy water.” The northern border of Whatcom County is also an international border as Canada lies just to the north of the county. The Mount Baker National Recreation Area is located within Whatcom County.
When you need legal services in Whatcom County, there are many experienced Whatcom County lawyers ready to assist you. These attorneys can represent you in many areas of law including automobile accidents, snowmobile accidents, DUI, criminal defense, contracts, real estate, employment, divorce, child custody, personal injury, and more.
A Whatcom County woman recently prevailed in her lawsuit against a drunk driver, Skagit County and the state. The accident occurred near Mount Baker when the drunken woman’s car crossed the center line and hit the Whatcom County woman’s car, seriously injuring her. The injured woman spent 45 days in the hospital, underwent multiple surgeries, and will have more surgeries in the future. The state and Skagit County were included as defendants because they were found to be negligent in allowing the drunken woman to drive. An hour before the accident, the drunken woman was found passed out behind the wheel of her car by a Skagit County sheriff’s deputy. Instead of booking her and impounding her car, the officer instead drove the woman home, gave her the keys back, and told her not to drive until she sobered up. Instead, she took a cab back to her car and got into the near-fatal accident.
If your case arose in Whatcom County, you will probably have to report to the Whatcom County Superior Court. The local attorneys regularly practice in this court and are comfortable and familiar with the rules that apply there. It would be to your advantage to hire one of these local attorneys for your case.
Finding great legal representation in Whatcom County can be difficult, but is here to simplify the process. Instead of calling attorneys at random, LegalMatch allows you to sift through the attorneys that are interested in your case. We provide great information like attorney profiles and past client reviews all to help you make the best decision for your specific situation.
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