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Ruston is a town in Pierce County that blends into nearby Tacoma, Washington. Ruston was originally founded and named “Smelter” by W.R. Rust for his Smelting & Refining Company employees. However, after 16 years the citizens voted to rename the town Ruston after their benevolent boss.
Ruston is a great place to find a lawyer who is familiar with the local courts’ procedures. Lawyers in Ruston take cases in family, criminal, personal injury, bankruptcy, and estate administration as well as any other legal issue which you may face.
A Ruston smelting and mining company recently filed a lawsuit against its owners. The lawsuit claims that the owner, Grupo Mexico, cutoff the plant’s supply from its longtime stronghold in Peruvian mines when it was nearing bankruptcy.  The company is facing crippling deficits to cover the massive amounts of environmental and asbestos claims filed in recent years.
If you are contesting a traffic citation or ordinance violation issued in Ruston, you will be visiting the Ruston Municipal Court. However, the Pierce County Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the majority of cases including family, juvenile, felony, and real property. It’s important to file in the correct court and helps immensely if you have a reputable Ruston lawyer to guide you.
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