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Kennewick is a city in Benton County located in southeast Washington. According to Forbes Magazine, Kennewick is the second best area in the United States for job growth, second only to nearby Yakima. Employment for scientists in the area is specifically strong. Kennewick is also home to a leading Slurpee selling 7-Eleven. The 7-Eleven leads the world in Slurpee sales dollars and number of cups sold in 2008 through July 31, 2008.

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Lawyers in Kennewick are diverse in their areas of practice. A resident of Kennewick can find an attorney in the field of bankruptcy, criminal law, divorce law, estate law, personal injury, real estate, wills & trust and other legal fields. A person seeking representation in Kennewick should seek out at attorney that is qualified to take a case in a specific field.

Kennewick was in the news in June 2009 over an incident with the local puppy mill. Ella Louise Stewart of Kennewick is currently facing 10 charges due to her inappropriate puppy breeding operation. Charges include first and second degree animal cruelty. Steward will appear before the Benton County Superior Court on July 9th, the dogs have been taken to an animal shelter in the mean time.

Many cases of this matter will find themselves in the Benton County Superior Court. Had the defendant been a minor, the case might have been brought before the Benton County Juvenile Court. A skilled attorney will know where to file your case and the differences between the different courts.

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