How should you go about finding a lawyer in West Virginia?  Unless a friend or family member can recommend one, many people resort to simply looking through the phone book.  A more productive method is to use an attorney referral service.

The West Virginia State Bar offers a limited lawyer referral service.  This service is used by filling out a simple online form on the West Virginia Bar’s website.  After providing some basic information about yourself and what legal area you are concerned with, a lawyer referral is provided.  This service is free to use, and your initial 30 minute consultation with your lawyer is only $25.

If you are looking for more complete legal assistance in West Virginia, you should consider private attorney referral services.  These can easily be found with a quick online search.  Private referral services offer more help in finding a lawyer that is right for you, both by providing multiple lawyer referrals and by including information about the lawyers being referred.  Also, many of these services keep a good deal of legal information on their websites.  Finally, most private attorney referral services are free to use, and your initial consultation with your lawyer is capped at a low amount.