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 What Do I Need to Know About Finding a Lawyer in Nebraska?

When a person is faced with a legal problem and needs to talk to a lawyer, it can be overwhelming to search for someone trustworthy. Having a qualified professional to talk to is helpful, but a person may find that they do not know where to turn.

Thankfully, Nebraska has no shortage of resources for people looking for help with a legal problem. If a person seeks legal representation in that state, there are more than a few places they can look to find the lawyer who is right for them and their case.

Does the Nebraska State Bar Association Offer Referral Services?

Many state bar associations offer lawyer referral services. A person provides the service with a few details about their situation. The state bar association then provides a referral to a licensed attorney who practices in the areas of law most likely to be helpful to the person. While the Nebraska State Bar does not provide a referral service like this, they have directories for people seeking attorneys.

The Nebraska Supreme Court has an Attorney Services Division with a website, There, a person can find a complete list of attorneys licensed to practice in the state. A person can search the directory for attorneys based on area of practice, city, or the lawyer’s name.

Lawyers enrolled in Nebraska Find a Lawyer website generally charge $50 or less for the first 30 minutes of a person’s initial consultation. Remember that this list is also limited and not representative of all the attorneys available in the area where a person lives.

The other limitation is that the Find a Lawyer website does not help a person who does not know what kind of lawyer they may need.

What About Local Referral Services?

In addition to the directories provided by the State Bar Association, there are also local services to which a person can turn. The Omaha Bar Association provides a lawyer referral service that allows a person to connect with lawyers in the city of Omaha and surrounding counties. The Omaha Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service provides referrals specifically for Douglas, Sarpy, Cass, and Washington Counties.

The service is free and easy to use. A person just fills in a short online form with their name and contact information, briefly explains their situation, and the referral service matches them with a lawyer who practices in the area of law that the person’s case requires. While the referral is free, the initial consultation costs $40 for a thirty-minute appointment.

If their situation does not require a lawyer’s help, the Omaha Bar Association’s referral service can also refer the person to other legal service organizations, government agencies, or community resources that may be helpful to a person in resolving their situation.

Can I Consult Private Referral Services to Find a Lawyer in Nebraska?

If a person is not satisfied with the referral they receive or lives in an area not covered by the Omaha Bar Association’s referral service, they may consider turning to a private referral service.

Many of these private referral services can easily be found online, 24 hours a day, and provide multiple referrals so that a person can find just the right person to help them. Most of these services also provide additional information about the attorneys to which they refer a person, which helps a person narrow their search.

Private referral services are usually free to use, and many have pre-negotiated reduced rates for the first meeting with a person’s lawyer. In many cases, the fee for the first meeting can be between $0 and $50.

What If I Do Not Have the Money to Pay an Attorney?

A person who has been charged with a crime has a constitutional right to be represented by an attorney if conviction of the crime could lead to imprisonment for 6 months or more. At a person’s arraignment on a criminal charge, if the person charged informs the judge that they cannot afford to hire an attorney, the judge appoints a lawyer who is provided at the government’s expense to represent the person.

If a person’s legal issue is not criminal, then it is civil. A person does not have a right to be represented by an attorney free of charge in a civil case. But some services may be able to provide a person with a lawyer’s services for a low cost or possibly no cost.

In Nebraska, a person can go to the Legal Aid of Nebraska website and find information about applying online for legal representation. Or there are several phone numbers and information about who should call which number to discuss getting the legal help they need.

Referral services that connect people to private attorneys are also available in Nebraska. Of course, private attorneys usually charge a person to represent them. But some lawyers may offer representation that is limited in scope for a low fee. Or they may offer what is referred to as “modest means” representation for people with limited income.

The Nebraska Find-A-Lawyer website at has an area of resources for low-income services, yet another resource.

Can My Insurance Policies Help Me?

If a person is sued by someone else in connection with something that happened in their home or involved in a car accident, their insurance policies may provide them with a lawyer to defend them at the insurance company’s expense.

So, if a person is sued by someone injured in their home, they would report the lawsuit to the company that issued their homeowner’s insurance policy. If they are sued by someone injured in a car accident in which the person was involved, they would report the lawsuit to the company that issued their auto insurance policy. The insurance companies would provide the person with legal representation to defend a lawsuit.

How Should I Prepare for My Initial Consultation with a Nebraska Lawyer?

Once a person has an appointment to talk to an attorney, it is a good idea to prepare before their appointment so that they can make the most of their allotted time. Many initial consultations only run for about 30 minutes, so a person should ensure they have all the information, papers, and documents with them before their appointment.

A person should be prepared to give the lawyer as much accurate and honest background information about their case as possible so that the lawyer has all the information needed to give the person the best possible advice. The person may also want to prepare a list of questions they have to help them remember what to ask during their appointment.

A person must ask the lawyer how the lawyer would charge them if the person hired the lawyer. A person should clearly understand how the attorney expects to be paid, when, and what amount.

A person should remember that they do not have to hire a lawyer just because they have consulted with them. A person is free to speak to several attorneys about their case and find someone with whom they are comfortable and in whom they have confidence before trusting them with their case.

Of course, a person wants to keep deadlines in mind also. If a person has been sued, a lawsuit is underway, and deadlines are already at work. A person needs to act and not risk missing deadlines.

Should I Hire a Nebraska Lawyer?

If you are facing a legal problem, it is in your best interests to talk to a Nebraska lawyer who is local to you. They are licensed to practice in your state and familiar with any local laws, rules, and regulations that may influence your case.

Whether you search through the directories, ask the Omaha Bar for a referral, or use a private attorney referral service, there are plenty of resources for you to find a qualified Nebraska lawyer to help you with your situation.


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