Attorney referral services connect people seeking attorney services with the attorneys able to provide those services. These referral services serve as a sort of database containing the contact information of attorneys, and use criteria provided by the seeking party to find a match and provide the referral. 

Attorney referral services are generally provided at no cost, partially due to the fact that the attorneys included in the service often pay to be included. Most referral services are maintained by a state’s Bar Association, or some other public resource provider. There are also some private attorney referral services, although they are not usually free of charge.

Many people needing legal help do not always know exactly where to begin their search. An attorney referral service can provide a more clear starting point. The person seeking attorney services will first contact the referral service and provide relevant search criteria, such as their location and the area of law which concerns their legal issue. Once this information has been collected by the referral service, the service will provide the seeking person with the contact information for an attorney who meets that criteria.

Most attorney referral services are automated systems. They are able to provide instant contact information for an attorney that meets the specifics provided by the person seeking an attorney. 

Automated systems have several advantages, such as accessibility, ease of use, and instant results. However, many people prefer to use an alternative, such as a telephone referral service. Automated systems do not generally take financial concerns into account, and can often provide a recommendation that is not affordable for the seeking party.

Another issue with automated attorney referral services is that they do not filter out attorneys who are not currently taking on new cases. Telephone referral services that utilize human operators can eliminate some of these issues. It is important to note that not every attorney referral service is a comprehensive database. This is partially due to the fact that attorneys pay to be included in specific services.

How Can I Find an Attorney in Indiana?

Unfortunately, the Indiana State Bar Association does not maintain an attorney referral service. According to the State Bar’s website, it does not refer members of the public to specific attorneys. Rather, the Indiana State Bar Association partners with the Coalition for Court Access in order to connect the public with more appropriate legal resources. 

Additionally, if the seeking party is already sure of what kind of attorney they will need, they can use the State Bar Association’s membership directory in order to find and contact attorneys that practice in specific areas of law.

The Indiana State Bar Association’s website does include a list of county Bar Associations that do offer referral services. These services are usually free to utilize, and the consultation fee for your first visit with the referred attorney is typically reduced. However, there are some notable issues with these county Bar attorney referrals. These services typically only provide one referral at a time. This can be difficult when you are wanting to contact and compare multiple attorneys at once. 

Additionally, these services are generally reached exclusively by telephone. While some people do prefer a telephone service over an automated service, many people prefer the ease, accessibility, and instant results of automated services. Most of Indiana’s county Bar Associations do not maintain any sort of online presence to utilize.

If you are seeking an attorney referral in Indiana and are unsatisfied with the county Bar Associations, you may want to hire a private attorney referral service. They may be able to provide you with a more comprehensive result, and one that is closer to what you are needing. Such services can be found online, and offer multiple referrals at once. 

Private attorney referral services also tend to include additional information about the attorneys they are referring to the seeking party, instead of simply providing the attorney’s contact information.

How Can LegalMatch Help Me Find an Attorney?

Whether you are seeking an attorney in Indiana, or elsewhere, LegalMatch can help you connect with an attorney who specializes in the field of law you are requiring. LegalMatch is free to use and is a convenient way to find several potential attorneys at once.

All attorneys recommended by LegalMatch are pre-screened, and must meet certain criteria. This criteria includes having a valid bar license, having good references, no serious disciplinary problems, and maintaining a good standing with their specific state Bar Association. 

Another benefit to using LegalMatch is that they provide the attorney’s educational history, such as their law school and undergraduate education. LegalMatch also provides the attorney’s legal experience, what types of cases they have taken, legal fees and other charges, and ratings from other clients they have represented.