If you need a lawyer in Michigan, where should you look? Starting with the State Bar of Michigan is a good, although limited, first step.

The State Bar of Michigan maintains an attorney referral service. This service is free to use.  Also, the consultation fee for your initial meeting with your lawyer is limited to $20. 

If you would prefer to use a local service, the American Bar Association (ABA) is a good resource to turn to. The ABA’s website includes contact information for roughly 10 County Bar Associations in Michigan. These County Bar Associations maintain their own attorney referral services, and are generally free to use.

These referral services do have some drawbacks.  Both the State Bar of Michigan’s service and most of the County Bar services do not offer their service online, and can only be reached by telephone. They will also only provide one lawyer referral at a time.  Finally, these services do not provide much information beyond the name and phone number of the lawyer they are referring.

Finally, if you are looking for a more comprehensive service, you might want to consider a private attorney referral service. These services have an online presence, and are fairly easy to use. They also usually offer several lawyer referrals, and often include information about the lawyers, including education and work history.

You can also follow these links for more information of Lawyer Referral Services in Kent County, MI (for the greater Grand Rapids area) and Lawyer Referral Services in Wayne County, MI (for the greater Detroit area).