Finding an attorney in Vermont can be a difficult task.  One option to make the search easier is to use an attorney referral service.  These services help ease and speed up this process by restricting your search to lawyers skilled in the area of law you are concerned with.

The Vermont Bar Association offers an attorney referral service on its website.  The service first asks you to provide some basic information about yourself.  After then choosing the legal area you are concerned with and indicating any special needs (such as language or location), a lawyer referral is provided.  This service is free of charge, and your initial consultation with your lawyer is only $25.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive service, you might want to consider a private attorney referral service.  These services can be found online with a quick search.  In addition to offering multiple lawyer referrals, most of these services also include information about the lawyers they are referring.  This allows you to both cast a wider net and make a more informed decision about which lawyer is right for you.  Private attorney referral services are free of charge, and your initial consultation with your Vermont lawyer is usually between $0 and $50.

Vermont residents have several options open to them to help find a lawyer.  Whether using a private attorney referral service or one offered by the Vermont Bar, the process of finding a lawyer is made much easier and more efficient.