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 How Do I Find the Best Lawyers in Illinois?

You’ve given it some thought and determined that you need to call an Illinois lawyer. The main issue is locating one. If you do your research, you can find a lawyer with the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your challenge.

Most people do not have a “regular” lawyer in the same way that they have one or more doctors they visit at least once a year. So, how can you find the perfect lawyer for you? Where do you go for suggestions?

Because the lawyer will be assisting you in resolving your problems, the first criterion is that you must be comfortable enough to tell them all of the details essential to settle your situation. Nothing you hear or read can ensure that a certain lawyer is the right one for you; you must make that determination for yourself.

The lawyer’s field of specialty and prior experience are crucial considerations. Some legal specialties, such as the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils and the National Elder Law Foundation, have also developed their own certification programs. You may also want to inquire about the types of situations that your lawyer typically handles.

What is the scope of that attorney’s practice? (e.g., 50 percent personal injury cases, 25 percent divorce cases, and 25 percent “other.”) Keep in mind that while most lawyers are not certified in a specialty, this does not necessarily imply that a given lawyer is not an expert in that subject, especially if the lawyer handles a significant volume of cases in that practice area.

Other factors to consider are the lawyer’s office location, fees charged, and the amount of time a case may take.

There are numerous methods for locating a trustworthy lawyer. A referral from a trusted friend, relative, or business acquaintance is one of the best. However, keep in mind that each legal issue is unique, and a lawyer who is great for someone else may not be right for you or your legal problem.

Ads can be beneficial in some respects. However, you should never believe everything you read or hear, especially with commercials.

Newspapers, phone books, radio, television, Internet advertisements, and direct mail can help you become acquainted with the names of lawyers who may be suitable for your legal needs. Some advertisements will also help you determine a lawyer’s area of competence.

Other advertisements will state a charge or range of fees for processing a specific type of “simple” case. Keep in mind that your situation may not have a straightforward answer. If a lawyer quotes a price, be sure you understand exactly what services and expenses are included and excluded.

Most towns have reference programs that can help people discover lawyers. You might be able to discover them in your yellow pages under “Lawyer Referral Service” or something similar.

These services typically propose a local lawyer to analyze a problem. Several services assist groups with special needs, such as the elderly, immigrants, victims of domestic violence, and people with disabilities.

You can also use LegalMatch to enter your case details and be matched with the right attorney for your needs.

What Are Lawyer Referral Services?

An Illinois lawyer referral service is a service that helps clients find a lawyer who practices in the right legal sector for their situation.

Essentially, an attorney referral service functions by first locating a lawyer and then contacting them. Once connected, the person must explain their reason for calling (i.e., their legal quandary) to an attorney referral service employee.

Based on the information provided, the representative will search their database of attorneys and provide the caller with the name and contact information of one of their member attorneys.

But how can you know if the attorney referred by the representative is the proper one for your case and not merely the next attorney in line to take a case? Unfortunately, such information is not available.

This dilemma is similar to the difficulties encountered when attempting to locate a lawyer through the Yellow Pages. A phone number or a modest advertisement cannot offer a person adequate information to evaluate the services of a specific attorney.

What Are Private Attorney Referral Services?

LegalMatch is a private referral service that connects users with local attorneys. Basically, a user registers for free and describes their situation in a submission form. The information is subsequently forwarded to local attorneys who practice in the legal fields relevant to the user’s case.

The attorneys who receive the alerts will evaluate the papers to determine whether they are interested in handling the case and, if so, whether they are available. Once these two factors are determined, the attorney will contact the client personally to schedule a meeting to discuss the matter.

The user is then able to choose whether or not to select the suggested attorney. They are not required to hire that attorney and will not be charged a fee if they choose another.

What Should I Know Before Hiring a Lawyer?

When selecting a lawyer, your first goal should be to ensure that the attorney you hire will be able to completely address the legal difficulties you are now dealing with. Check if the attorney is legally licensed to practice law in Illinois and has experience handling the specific legal case at hand.

It’s also a good idea to examine if the attorney shares your worldview and point of view. If there is a conflict of interest during the trial, you may need to find a new counsel, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Some attorneys charge a flat fee based on the amount of time they spend on a case. This is typically negotiated before trial, and calculating lawyer fees occasionally necessitates complicated math. Some lawyers use a mechanism known as a contingency fee.

This is essentially a percentage of any damages the person is able to obtain as a result of the trial.

Contingency fees are helpful when a client’s finances are limited, but the case is expensive or challenging. Lawyers that specialize in civil litigation frequently accept cases where there is an apparent liability and a mechanism to get a judgment or settlement, such as through the defendant’s insurance coverage.

Even on a contingency basis, the lawyer may decline to handle the case if liability is uncertain or the case is deemed too dangerous.

A lawyer’s track record of successes and failures in court might be a reliable indicator of their aptitude and competency as a litigator on occasion. However, this is not always the case. For example, their record may not demonstrate that they were able to considerably reduce a defendant’s sentence. Alternatively, they may have been successful in obtaining an absolutely flawless settlement for their client.

How Should I Prepare for an Initial Consultation?

In summary, a legal consultation is an initial contact with an attorney before you decide whether to hire that attorney to represent you in your specific legal problem. Furthermore, based on the facts you gave, the attorney will use the consultation to decide if they can legally and competently represent you.

It is critical to understand that an initial legal consultation does not imply that the attorney is formally representing you or has accepted your case. In general, in order for an attorney to legally represent you, there must be a written representation agreement signed by both you and the attorney, or you must be able to prove that they consented to represent you through their words or actions.

To prepare for a legal consultation, ensure that you have adequately prepared for the meeting by obtaining any and all papers pertaining to your case. Bring every document you have for the attorney to study so that they may appropriately assess which documents are important and which are not.

Should I Hire a Lawyer in Illinois?

When looking for a lawyer, using a free lawyer matching service like LegalMatch is usually more time and cost-effective. Clients who use LegalMatch have access to pre-screened lawyers in their area who can handle their cases competently. Use LegalMatch to find an Illinois lawyer today.


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