Looking for an attorney can be a difficult and confusing experience.  As a result, many people turn to attorney referral services to help them find a good lawyer.  Unfortunately, the state and county bar associations of Washington State do not provide much in the way of attorney referral services.

The Washington State Bar Association does not offer any attorney referral service.  Some county bar associations do offer this service - the State Bar’s website has contact information for them.  However, it appears that only 6 counties in Washington offer lawyer referrals.  Although the Washington Bar’s website does mention that “most programs will refer to surrounding counties,” there does not appear to be bar association attorney referral services in much of the state.

A better option when looking for a lawyer in Washington is to use a private attorney referral service.  These services can easily be found online with a quick search.  Private attorney referral services are usually free to use, and often give multiple referrals.  Finally, they help you in choosing the right lawyer by providing information about these attorneys, such as their education and work history.

If you live in Seattle or the greater Kings County, a full review of available lawyer referral services is available here: Lawyer Referral Services in Kings County, WA