Having a legal issue arise in your life can be a stressful and intimidating experience.  Many people are not familiar with the legal system, and do not know where to turn.  If you live in Oregon, the Oregon State Bar Association is a great resource to help you research lawyers in Oregon.

First, the Oregon State Bar offers a lawyer referral service.  This service can be reached by telephone or by submitting an easy-to-use online form.  After giving some basic information about yourself and your legal issue, the service will provide one lawyer referral.  This service is free to use, and your initial consultation with your lawyer will be $35.

In addition to offering lawyer referrals, the Oregon Bar’s service may advise you that you can solve your problem without hiring a lawyer.  Instead, it will direct you to community organizations or other resources. 

The Oregon Bar also maintains a legal library on its website that focuses on common issues and questions people have.  Topics include Bankruptcy, Family Law, Landlord/Tenant Information, and Traffic Law.

Finally, many people also choose to also use private attorney referral services to help them find a lawyer.  Many of these services offer a more complete service than the state bar.  For example, they offer a completely online service, often will give several lawyer referrals, and will also provide information about the lawyers they are referring.  These services are also free to use, and keep the initial consultation to a low cost.  The oldest and most reliable is LegalMatch, they back their services with a customer satisfaction guarantee and are member of the Better Business Bureau.