Insurance and Car Accidents

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Insurance and Car Accidents

Car insurance plays an important factor in obtaining damages from a car accident. Your opponent's car insurance policy may have a limit as to how much you can recover, the insurance company may try to limit your damages, and you may recover nothing because you opponent does not have money and does not have insurance.

Standard Car Insurance

Standard car insurance is the insurance that covers the driver and authorized drivers of a vehicle from negligence or reckless driving. In most states, drivers are required by law to have car insurance of a minimum amount when operating a vehicle. 

Under Coverage or No Insurance Coverage

If the opponent's insurance policy does not cover your full amount of damages, then you will not be able to get the full amount from their insurance company. Most insurance company will not look at your claim if it is asking for more than what their policy covers. Thus, the solution is to seek the policy limit from your opponent's insurance company and to seek the rest in court.

If your opponent does not have insurance coverage, then your best choice is to probably seek the damages from your own insurance company. You may attempt to sue your opponent, but there is a great chance that he does not have any money to pay out.

The Insurance Company Will Not Pay Full Damages

Another common scenario is the insurance adjuster refusing to pay out the full amount of your damages. To resolve this, you or your representative must negotiate with the adjuster with solid evidence as to why you are entitled to those damages. This will consist of multiple calls between you and the adjuster. Often times, if a lawyer represents you in the negotiations, the adjuster will be more generous with their counteroffers, especially if the adjuster thinks that they are facing a lawsuit. However, representation by a lawyer is by no means a guarantee to a full pay out of your damages.

Consulting an Attorney

If you need help filing and negotiating a claim with an insurance company, please contact a personal injury lawyer. Additionally, a lawyer will help gather evidence and seek alternatives (i.e. civil lawsuit) if the adjuster is being unreasonable.

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