Finding the right lawyer for your specific legal need can be a difficult undertaking. An attorney referral service, or "LRS," makes finding an attorney an easier process.

The state of Michigan offers many different attorney referral services from which qualified attorneys can be reviewed.

You can also quickly connect with Michigan attorneys by posting your case online with LegalMatch.

Lawyer Referral Services in Michigan

The State Bar of Michigan operates a Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) program. Persons with legal questions can obtain a lawyer referral through this program. In the short consultation, you will be asked your name and address, the nature of your concern, and the county in which you need assistance.

The Michigan state bar program only offers one attorney referral per request or inquiry. The attorney you are referred to is a LRIS panel member. It should be noted that referrals are made to panel members on an impartial, rotation basis.

If you have a legal problem and cannot afford an attorney, you are advised not to contact the LRIS but your local legal aid office. LRIS states that upon receiving the referred attorney’s name, you will have a 30 minute initial consultation that will cost no more than $20.00. However, the LRIS provides that any and all fees beyond that consultation must be negotiated with the attorney.

Special Purpose Bar Associations

If you have more specific legal issues, a great option is research of legal organizations that are more directed in scope. In addition to the general state bar of Michigan, the state also recognizes what are known as "special purpose bar associations". Some of these include the Michigan Intellectual Property Law Association which connects you with intellectual property attorneys, patent agents, and law students in the state of Michigan interest in patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property issues.

The Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan is a statewide criminal defense attorney organization. The nonprofit organization offers aid in criminal law, constitutional law and procedure, and also seeks to improve trial and appellate advocacy. While these organizations are usually smaller in size, they are designed to refer clients to attorneys with very specific specializations within the field of law.

Also, most individual counties in Michigan have independent bar associations offering lawyer referral services. Most lawyer referral services designated to specific counties offer referrals from a limited pool of attorneys practicing in that particular county.

Some lawyer referral serves operate independently of bar associations. These independent organizations may be categorized according to region or area of law.

It is important to note that nearly all referral organizations are maintained through fees for the services they offer. As stated above, the LRIS charges persons a small $20.00 initial consultation fee for your conversation with an attorney. This is common practice and will likely be found across the board for all attorney referral services in Michigan.

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LegalMatch is a great resource to find a Michigan lawyer. There is no cost to use LegalMatch and it is 100% confidential. Additional resources to help you are Lawyer Referral Services, a website that allows viewers to compare several attorney referral programs in Michigan.